The first thing that strikes a visitor to the website is how clearly the individual pages are laid out. The graphic is also engaging. The content of the site, however, is a little confusing - if you don't get the joke.

'Pickled Pauline's Problem Pages' involve a humorous look at supposed questions from the public. The joke is that the answer doesn't relate to the relevant question. Thus, a question about a problem with a car is answered with information about women's health, and the question about women's health is answered with information on how to fix a problem with a car.

The humorous tone of the website continues in the first paragraph of its page on short term car insurance. The second paragraph then actually gives out sensible advice, and names the two types of UK insurance that is available. What follows is a very informative article, and various aspects of this insurance are then described in great detail. It is an article that will help to give people peace of mind as to what decision is the best one to make.

The article mentions that it's easy to buy short term car insurance by using a website, and the article also states that documentation can be downloaded and then printed out when the order has been made. How quickly this type of insurance can be obtained online is underlined, and that it can be bought at every minute of the day on every day of the week.

The serious short term car insurance page on is certainly helpful, as the article answers many of the questions people considering this type of insurance would ask. There are, though, links to humorous articles related to this insurance on the website, which many visitors will just find irritating.

Apart from the main short term car insurance page, the rest of the site is a bit silly. The humorous questions and answers of 'Pickled Pauline's Problem Pages' could be reduced and all put on one page. The title of the site itself is also misleading, as there are no personals to be found. The insurance advice is easily the most positive aspect of this site.

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