Short Term Cover for your Vintage Vehicle

If you own a vintage automobile, you may leave your treasure safely housed in the garage for months at a time rather than exposing it to the risks of the road. Many classic car owners save their vehicles for rallies, shows or summer holidays, whilst driving an economy hatchback or modern family sedan for daily use. Short term vintage car insurance ensures that your collectible classic is protected when youíre showing her off once or twice a year.

Vintage cars must have a registration date between 1950 and 1985, must be registered in the UK and must not be valued at over 25,000 pounds. A short term classic policy covers your car for 1 to 28 days at affordable rates, provided that you meet the insurerís minimum age requirements and have a clean driving record. As the owner of a classic automobile, you arenít likely to risk your investment by ignoring stop signs or racing about town in a drunken frenzy. Most classic car enthusiasts take pride in their automobiles and do everything in their power to keep them in top condition, short of parking them in the bedroom overnight.
Short term vintage car insurance can cover a vehicle that you own or a car youíre borrowing from a friend, provided that the car is not owned by a hire company. If a mate trusts you enough to lend you his classic automobile for a day or two, youíll want to insure the car with comprehensive vintage car insurance. Comprehensive cover pays out if the car is damaged in an accident, destroyed by fire or stolen. Chances are that if your mateís collectible treasure is stolen, smashed, blown up or burned whilst in your custody, your insurance status will be the least of your worries. However, once your mate recovers from the shock, heíll be pleased to know that you were considerate enough to purchase comprehensive cover.

If your mum comes to town and insists on driving your vintage car because it reminds her of her youth, you might not have the heart to say no. Short term classic car insurance allows other registered drivers who meet the insurerís requirements to drive your car for up to 28 days, but you can always tell your mum that the policy is only valid for 24 hours.

Short term vintage car insurance is flexible enough to accommodate your lifestyle. You can go online and buy temporary cover for your car for a spontaneous weekend holiday or insure the automobile in advance for a show you attend each year. Once youíve found a policy that suits your needs and your online application has been approved, you may print your certificate of insurance from your computer rather than waiting days for it to arrive in the post. With short term insurance, you can pay for financial protection only when you need it rather than committing to a costly annual policy.